Logistics management

The art of being on time.

The expectation of our logistics is that each product is delivered to our customers just in time or just in sequence, and in all cases in a perfect condition. The logistics experts of the Wünsche Group make sure of this. They are responsible for around 18,000 TEUs of sea freight and 16,000 TEUs of land freight annually. In addition, there is also rail freight and intermodal transport of approx. 1,500 TEUs annually. In more graphical terms: each day at least 45 HGVs and 50 containers are on the road and high seas with goods from and for the Wünsche Group.

Besides operational tasks, they also deal with logistical strategies. Conceptual designs, analyses and plans in this field have always been the greatest strengths of our logistics colleagues. The flows of goods for all business areas are arranged by the logistics team of the company group – around 1,200 connections “from” and “to” are brought together in this way. This creates synergies that benefit us and our customers. Global warehouse capacity is also managed and continuously expanded here.

Additional services in the field of logistics management:

  • Insurance cover for transport and storage, as well as product liability
  • Sale of remainders, odd lots and returns
  • Legal advice in customs and export law
  • Open items
  • Claims processing
  • Management of loading equipment
  • Inventories

In logistics, the Wünsche Group can fall back on a wide, global network of more than 80 service providers. Whenever you need whatever in order to transport who knows what – we have a solution for you. Together, we can provide numerous services: stock and warehouse management, remainder management, manufacturing and goods processing, special transportation, IT solutions, release logistics, temperature-controlled transport and deliveries of hazardous goods.

We create a short way of even the greatest distances.