After sales service

We create a short way of even the greatest distances.

Customer service is a crucial criterion of quality for us – both for our customers as well as for the consumer. Our after-sales service provides guaranteed service for us and for other companies of Wünsche Group. Service is thus supplied each year for around 30 million items. We guarantee a response within 24 hours for each customer.

We rely on tightly organised and standardised processes, which we continually optimise according to the “best-case principle”. We always offer our after-sales service to the same extent – no matter whether it’s a string of fairy lights or a television with an integrated DVD player, our service teams always look after the concerns of each end consumer with the same dedication. With foresight, we take into account the special service requirements of promotional articles.

Additional services of our after-sales service:

  • Planning service and return quotas
  • Organisation and calculation of guarantee periods
  • Definition of replacement parts, quantities of replacement parts, timings
  • Product reviews
  • Control and coordination of service contacts
  • Escalation management

Our standard is to provide informed, helpful and motivated service personnel. Through our service network, covering 38 countries, we can investigate every case. In doing so, and by employing various service concepts, we take into account all customer-specific and legal requirements.

You can find the relevant documents for your product from our company ready for downloading at These include operating instructions, declarations of conformity and software upgrades, as well as a forum and responses to frequently asked questions. There you can also get in touch with our trained service employees.

Service for us means best service.