Product development

Some of us have a new job every single day.

It’s great if you can enjoy a good thing and are satisfied with it. We can’t! Instead, we are driven by the desire to improve what we have, or to realise products that no-one had even thought of yesterday. This is exactly what our teams of specialists are working on. They travel through the markets, including trade fairs, and have just the right feeling for trends. They always take into account the strategies and needs of our customers. What is right for them? How will an item be integrated into their product ranges? Which trends does an item of consumer electronics or a household electrical item have to pick up on? However inspirational the idea, how is its usability or safety?

Our engineers, designers and other experts involved in the development process answer these and a number of other questions. In the case of new developments and optimisations, we offer advice straight down the line and at eye level; although this may be at times somewhat provoking, it is only done out of a sense of responsibility for the success of our customers.

Additional services in the field of product development:

  • Sampling
  • Development of prototypes
  • Issuing of product specifications, legal and customer-specific requirements
  • Audits and test procedures

In product development, we rely on teamwork: the experience of the after-sales service team can be used just as profitably as that of our colleagues from quality assurance. Once a product idea has been set in motion, we will select a strategically suitable producer. We commission samples directly and test to ensure that both the quality and all other requirements are met. These include customer-specific and statutory provisions, as well as social standards.

In this way, we continually bring new ideas onto the market with our customers. Our wide network of reliable producers, proven over many years, provides us with the necessary speed and flexibility to deal with this enormous workload.

The world is full of great ideas. We will find them for you.