Quality assurance

We think that good is just never good enough.

You could call it splitting hairs or nit-picking; we call it technical skills and accuracy: our employees in quality assurance are rightly proud of their sharp eyes. They have the comprehensive expertise needed to satisfy every aspect of the growing demands of customers and legislators. At Globaltronics, our own team of experts – from specialists to engineers – ensure compliance with defined standards and specifications. Needless to say, each product that passes through our company meets the highest standards.

For instance, our employees in quality-assurance test items produced abroad directly on site. This means that we can guarantee a consistent level of quality.

Additional services in the field of quality assurance:

  • Accompanying purchasing processes
  • Drafting product specifications
  • Inspections of production sites
  • Testing by our own technicians and engineers
  • Audits for new products
  • Sampling
  • Complaints management
  • Reporting and evaluation

In the technical area, we have our own laboratories at our site in Hamburg and those of the Wünsche Group in the Far East for carrying out product tests.

Additionally, we use an established, global network of laboratories in order to be present in the immediate vicinities of our various production sites. We work closely together with almost all large, independent test institutes.

We at Globaltronics even include experts from quality assurance during product development. This thus allows us to use their extensive experience to continually improve usability, composition and the control of tolerances.

Despite our large number of products, we always sell the same: Quality.